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Whip Safety – Disclaimer

Whip Safety

Whips are not toys, whips can cause considerable pain, cut flesh and break bones. When a whip cracks the tip is travelling at over 1400 feet per second.

When using your whip make sure:

  • you have a enough room around you
  • other people are at a safe distance
  • children using the whip are under adult supervision
  • you wear safety glasses and protective clothing
  • respect the whip with its power and ferocity


Material published at is presented to provide a general consumer understanding of the topics discussed. The information should not be considered complete or infallible.

Do you remember when things were hand made and great pride was taken to produce quality items? I have this pride and very much enjoy making whips.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our product and its delivery safe to your hands. If there is any problem, we will sort it out. Thousands of people world wide own and love our whips... If you want quality and traditional workmanship, trust an Aussie Whip Maker whip!