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Aussie Whip Maker – Red Hide

Red Hide

Red Hide is a type of cowhide that has gone through a specific tanning process. The Red Hide Bullwhips are all hand crafted to fit you and your needs; and is custom built to suit your hand size, body weight, whether right or left handed and loaded and balanced to suit the type of usage you specify.

whip2mRed Hide is the name given to the cowhide that has gone through a specific tanning process. As the name suggests the final product is deep red/ brown coloured leather. The quality of any cowhide depends on the original hide. Scars can create weaknesses in the leather, also young cattle under 4 years have far too much  stretch in the hide, which is not desirable for whips. All our hides are hand selected from aged cattle with no worries about stretching. It is  not good to purchase a whip only to find it is from young cattle and within a few months it has stretched and broken. Be assured  I am very particular in selecting hides.

Australia’s whips are truly the best in the world. This is not necessarily due to the fact that we have some of the best whip makers in the world, but also because we have some of the best leather for whips in the world. Australia is a very large unfenced country where cattle properties are measured in hundreds of thousands of acres, where whips are used daily.

Red Hide Bullwhips

Loaded and balanced, these are great bullwhips to withstand a lot of wear and tear. The 12 plaits give them plenty of fluid motion. The variety of lengths from 7, 8 and 9 feet cater for people’s personal preferences. if from the saddle or from foot will determine which length to select.

Red Hide Bull Whips Available in:

7, 8, and 9 foot by 12 plait  – These are the top of the range Bull Whips in terms of number of strands. 12 strands create a nice fluid flowing whip. Indeed the red hide bull whips are a heavy very loud cracking whip.

Red Hide Stock Whips

whip7_medThese loaded and balanced stock whips are recommended for people who prefer a heavier whip. They are a 6 plait, which gives greater weight to the whip. They are also loaded and balanced, which means that more weight is put into the belly the foundation of the whip. The foundation of any whip is the most important component. If a whip has no belly it will not crack effectively. All Aussie Whip Maker whips have the appropriate amount of weight in the belly complete with a balanced stock [handle}.

A loaded and balanced whip refers to a whip that is correctly weighted in the belly foundations  throughout the length of the whip. The length of the stock { handle}, which can also be considered to be a fulcrum is also matched according to the length of the whip. These whips come with an 8 plait red hide handle that is popular for greater grip and control for this very hard working well balanced whip.

NOTE -6 plait  Red Hide Stock Whips

The 6 plait Red Hide Stock whip is available  in 6′ 7′ and 8 foot lengths, all are offered on an 8 plait half plait handle.
The following Red Hide whips are in 4 plait, the lengths being; 3 foot kids whip, 4 foot yard whip, 5 foot stock whip, 6 foot stock whip, 7 foot stock whip.

Red Hide 4 plait stock whips:


3 foot kids whip
Ideal for kids up to 7-8 years Also for cattlemen who work from motor bike who need a short whip that will easily crack left handed because the bike throttle is on the right side.

4 foot yard whip
Suitable for kids 8-10 years, also used when stockmen use motor bikes or trikes and by stockmen for close work such as in cattle yards – hence the name yard whip. Also for cattlemen who work from motor bike who need a short whip that will crack easily left handed because the bike throttle is on the right side.

5′ 6′ 7′ feet in 4 Plait
These are Stockmen’s/women’s work whips. The 5, 6 and 7 foot Red Hide Stock Whips all come with a 4 plait red hide stock {handle.} The Red Hide gives the handle greater grip, which is needed on work whips.

5 foot Red Hide Stock Whip
A great whip for anyone starting off in whip cracking and wanting a whip that will take a lot of wear and tear. Great for any kid around the age of 10 and up. What I would class as a good all round whip, whether it be for stock work or hobby whip cracking the 5 foot length is also  selected by women who compete is stock horse class {challenge}.

6 foot Red Hide Stock Whip
This is the preferred whip of the majority of stockmen and women. It is the most common whip used as a great  all – round length, to use off horseback or from foot. If the whip is too short when  used from the saddle  it is has a greater chance of cracking in the horse’s ear or on the rump. You need a longer whip that will crack further away from the horse. This is also a good length whip for the hobby whip cracker on foot . The longer whip gives a more flowing and graceful style. The 6 foot length is also selected by men who compete in stock horse class {challenge}.

7 foot Red Hide Stock Whip
This is the most common whip used by tall strong men who prefer a longer whip for a greater noise. Also the selection used  predominantly from the saddle,  where the need for greater reach is required. This is particularly true for cowboys  who are working with wilder cattle that are inclined to run at the horses and rider. This is  where the cattlemen needs a longer whip to keep the wild cattle at their distance.

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Do you remember when things were hand made and great pride was taken to produce quality items? I have this pride and very much enjoy making whips.

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