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Aussie Whip Maker Testimonials

Why buy from the Aussie Whip Maker? Many of our sales are to repeat customers and from word of mouth referrals. This speak volumes about the pride we take in our work as we have thousands of happy satisfied customers world wide.  Read what some have written….

So the real reason for this email is a BIG thank you for such a wonderful whip! Suddenly l have graduated! Before this whip l was lucky if l could get, say, 1 of 5 tries to make any sort of noise. Now every single try is a beauty! It’ll be a struggle to ‘break it in slowly’; it’s just so much fun!

So thanks again! l’ll surely be recommending you to everyone l know!


Hi Gayle,

We received the whip and it’s wonderful, and on Christmas morning no less, I was shocked when it turned up just as we were finishing our presents.

Thanks and have a great New Year!

Chris Ingui

Hello Gayle,

The bullwhip came today and it is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to see my son’s face on Christmas morning. Thank you SO much, and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Keep on the Sunny Side

Jo Massino

They are beautiful! I love them!

They came today (obviously) and I had a bit of a go – they feel great and crack really well.

Thank you thank you thank you..
You’ve made my day – my year.

I can see hours of fun ahead. I hope you enjoyed making them as much as I’m going to enjoy using them.


I went to the supermarket after work and purchased a block of Lard and the Whip has had its first treatment of conditioner applied to its “skin”. I will follow your guidance as to the love and care of this marvelous Bull Whip.

By the way, the Lard applied as slick as silk. I didn’t have to “fuss” with the conditioner – and that’s a plus.

Thank you for the extra Crackers. And yes I will work slowly and softly, giving it time to seat in before going for the loudest crack.

I know that this Whip will serve me well for years to come,

As always, here’s wishing you and yours nothing but the best!


G’Day, Gayle, 😉

Wanted to drop you a quick line. I purchased an 8′ 12 plait bullwhip (kangaroo hide) from you a little over 2 years ago, was researcing old emails and found this one between you and I.

I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely impressed, both with the workmanship of my 2 year old ‘roo hide and the uncanny responsiveness of this whip. You commented before I purchased it that would be nothing like my old cow hide whip; this was in fact an understatement. This whip forced me into a learning curve I was not expecting, and as it continued to break in, it only became more and more responsive. (My ear is testament to this fact – although for a few months it was swollen and occasionally bloodied, it has healed finally!!)

For a working whip, I had no idea that using a good whip would not in its own be a workout; the old cowhide was, I thought, normal. I now, 2 years on, realize it was a chore to make that one respond, and even then it was nowhere near the action of the new whip. Maintenance is a breeze – I have been using “mink oil” very sparingly, which has developed the color into a pleasant medium brown, and only seems to have made it even faster still, with an occasioanl wipedown and *slow* drying when wet, and you would not know (other than the battlescars of use) that it was a 2 year old hide.

Had I ordered a performance whip I would be mightily impressed. As a working whip, I cannot tell you how absolutely pleased I am to have found your skilled hands to build me my “baby”.

Wishing you a VERY happy christmas season and a wonderful summer!!!

Susanne Rohner
Oakland, California

Hi Gayle,

Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for my whip. Its excellent!!

Jess Taylor

Thank you very much.The last whip kit I got from you turned out great.It is the loudest crack I’ve ever seen.I’m serious I dont usually try to crack it loud as much as I try hitting with it.But this whip is acceptionally loud.Thank you again and the best to you and yours.Doug

hello Gayle, i got the whip kit and now im hooked! cant wait to make another one. thanks for providing a great product, and the inspiration, i want to do one from scratch now,! thanks again for the fun!


Hello, this is Brandon, Richards son. The whip has arrived and “MY GOD” is it beautiful I can tell right out of the packaging all the care and passion you put into your whips because it shows in your products. This was a graduation (high school) gift from my father and it is truly the best gift I have EVER recieved. Before I was workinbg with a (cow) leather American made revolving handle bullwhip and the fluency, cracking, and overall craftsmanship and performance of your whip is so superior, the fluency and craftsmanship of your bullwhips are so much better than I could have ever hoped for. It may take my awhile to get used to a whip without a revolving handle but I know its for the best, because obviously the best whips are made without the revolving aspect.


I received my new whip in the mail today. It works wonderfully. I have used it to break my horse and have used it off her back already, I just received it today!

Thanks Again
Nick Nesson
Montana, USA

I collected the whip today from the post office and it is great. Even a rank amateur like me was able to get a decent crack out of it straight away.

Best regards,

Hi Gayle.

The whip arrived safe and sound the other day. Thankyou so much, it is absolutely beautiful. I am very pleased with it is so is my brother who it is for. You are very clever and I am sure you have made a lot of people very happy with your talents. Thanks again and I wish you all the very best for the festive season. I will be sure to reccommend your work and will keep you in mind for the furture.

Thanks, Natalie

Just letting you know that the whip came today. It’s a work of art, thankyou so much for your help with our initial stuff up. My daughter will be thrilled with it tomorrow.

Much Obliged
Zoe. : )

Hello Gayle

I received the whip today and it is gorgeous! Thank you so much for your excellent service. Our son will be thrilled!

Merry Christmas to you and your family,

gday gayle.

just received the whips in the post. really good quality stuff mate.

Cheers a heap. they’l be great.

catchya next time
Chris Carter

Hi Gayle

I received the whip from the post office in Ramore. The whip is beautiful. You did an amazing job making it. Thank you so much for everything. It is greatly appreciated.

I wish you all the best, and thanks again.

Take care Gayle.
Steve Trimmer

Dear Gayle

Just wanted to drop a line and say that I received my whip last week and it was well worth the wait, Beautiful craftmanship.

Thank you,
James Stewart


Today, I received my Whip. Excellent!!! Thank you for your skill and efforts. I am practicing and improving with the help of the video on your Web-site. I am recommending your product to all my friends.

Again, Thank you! RE Malitz

Hi Gayle,

I arrived home to find a delivery note for your parcel, opened it expectantly and was very pleased with the contents. Was delighted with the workmanship and as you inferred, the black and tan is a great colour combination. The weight and feel brought a smile and a good sense of satisfaction with first use. I am looking forward to breaking it in slowly over the following months.

Thank you once again, for both the quality of your service and of your finished product.



Just a quick note to let you know that the whip arrived today and it’s a beauty! I am really impressed by the fluidity and handling. It responds to even the slightest movement of the wrist! This is far superior to any whip I’ve handled to date and you can bet my training buddies will be quite envious. Thanks so much for making it for me. Now my kids are asking when they can get one of their own.


Hello Gayle,

Your whip arrived in the mail today thank-you very much. As luck would have it I had cattle in the yards to try it out on !!. Works very well and nicely weighted too. So very happy with your product.

Once again thank you very much.
David Vines

Hello Gayle,

Some of the neighbors are a little shocked by my bull whip cracking away. I love the thing, it makes the whips I had look pretty bad, I am amazed by the ease of working the whip. It was like getting back on a bike made easy by way of its fluid like movement. My old whips required a very aggressive, powerful arm movement while this whip seems effortless. My neighbor Rick tried it out today and is hooked. I have given him your email.

Your truly,
Jim Lucas

Hello Gayle,

Gayle I LOVE it!!! Thank you so very much! I am pleased and can’t wait until Sunday when I can show it off! I will definitely tell everyone in the Hunt Club where it came from!! Beautiful workmanship, it is AWESOME.Thank you.

Wende Lu

Hello Gayle,

While my last whip (an 12 plait 8′ redhide bull, done locally in the US) took quite a while to soften up and break in, yours was sweet and supple almost right out of the package – almost as much so as my old whip was after years of abuse. I can only expect amazing results as she breaks in!

I was expecting something nice, but (this is embarrassing) it was *so* fast, and *so* responsive to my touch – to the point of snake-like – I almost split my own ear. I did catch my finger – which tells me that I will have to work a bit to temper its use until I get familiar with this much of an improvement.

This is not only a wonderful work tool, but it is, indeed, a work of art – perhaps the best kind of art, art incorporating function.

I do have a question regarding care – is there any specific dressing that you recommend for it, and also, is there anything I should be aware of when cleaning it., other than the judicious use of saddle soap?

Thank you again for this very unexpected, and quite pleasant, surprise! I expect to be giving her a lot of use in the coming months (and years!)

Susanne Rohner,
Oakland, California, USA.

Hello Gayle,

Thank you so very much for wonderful craftsmanship, great advice, wonderful and reliable service and simply for just being a great person and resource! I’m already sitting here thinking about whether to buy a 10′ or 12′ next time around…

Best regards a most satisfied customer,
Elvis, Norway

Hello Gayle,

The highlight of my twenty-hour long day at work yesterday was getting home and finding that the whip had arrived. Unfortunately, I was so tired that about all I could do was open it, and the next couple of days don’t look much better than yesterday…but my first day off, you can bet I’ll be limbering it up and getting used to its feel and action. I’m looking forward to getting home again tonight so that I can further appreciate the crafting you put into its construction. I’ll keep in touch as things progress and extend my sincere appreciation and best wishes.


Dear Gayle,

I received my whip today, and I must say I am amazed! It arrived in arrived in perfect condition, and it is beautifully made! It was even still a little oily! I am very pleased with the whip. I hope to do business with you again! Thank You Very Much!

Bob P

Hello Gayle,

Sorry I’m just now getting around to dropping you another note. I fed the new arrival a little Jay-El as it seemed a bit dry after its journey. I worked it this weekend and believe it is limbering up real well as I am already feeling the action smooth out and becoming more fluid. I have no doubt that by the time I’ve become fully accustomed to it I will have exactly what I asked for in that I will have a very serviceable whip that will be serviceable for a very long time. Thanks again for the prompt service and quality product.

Jerry A

Hello Gayle,

Today was Wednesday in the U.S. I received your whip Tuesday night and I have just returned from a long day in the saddle I loved your whip all day the after a little while the calves began to think twice about turning back! thank you for the great tool! thanks again.


G’day Gayle,

I got my whip yesterday. As a beginner I was surprised that the first time I through it I got it to crack. Very nice feel and you were right about the color. I would also like to know do you hold it with the “turks head” in the palm of your hand or do you hold it at the end of the handle with the turks head against the edge of you hand? I love the whip and nice doing business with you.

Thanks, – Cal S.


Just wanted to let you know the whip got here yesterday. I haven’t had time to play with it yet but it looks very nice. On the insert that you sent with it I see it says to keep it well oiled. Will mink oil work for this? I think it’s just lanolin and shouldn’t hurt the leather but I don’t want to use it unless it will be okay. Thanks for the service, I’ll be ordering more in the future. – Dave J

Do you remember when things were hand made and great pride was taken to produce quality items? I have this pride and very much enjoy making whips.

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