Bullwhips and Stock Whips from Kangaroo or Red Hide
Hand Built to suit you and your needs

Aussie Whip Maker - Kangaroo Hide

Kangaroo hide is light weight and has superior strength. This is why kangaroo hide is the best choice for the higher number plaited whips. The kangaroo hide bullwhips and the red hide bullwhips are all hand crafted to fit you and your needs; custom built to suit your hand size and the type of work you specify.

Kangaroo Hide Kangaroo hide for its weight is the strongest leather in the world. Its lightweight and strength is ideal for whips. A whip is like a chain, the more links a chain has the more fluid it will move, therefore the more strands that a whip has the more fluid it will move. More time is taken when plaiting with more strands, therefore they are the more expensive whip.

Kangaroo hide, because of its strength, is the most suitable leather for finer strands. Australia's whips are truly the best in the world. This is not necessarily due to the fact that we have some of the best whip makers in the world, but also because we have some of the best leather for whips in the world.

Colour selection for kangaroo hide or any two-tone combination.

Please add $36 if in two tone (takes a liitle longer to build).

Kangaroo Hide Bullwhips

Kangaroo Hide BullwhipKangaroo Hide Bullwhip [click to enlarge]

These loaded and balanced bullwhips are traditionally the most common whip used in America and are used by stockmen in Australia also. Bull Whips are preferred by many as accuracy or target whips. Kangaroo hide makes for a superb style of Bull whip.

Available in:

4 foot x 8 plait Bull Whip – very fast action bullwhip.

5 foot x 8 plait Bull Whip – still quite a fast action whip, recommended for quicker routines.

6 foot x 8 plait Bull Whip – a nice flowing Bullwhip that can be used for the majority of whip cracking routines.

6, 7, 8, 9,10, and 12 foot x 12 plait Bullwhips – These are the top of the range Bull Whips in terms of number of strands. 12 strands create a nice fluid whip. Personal preference will decide which length to choose. Taller stronger people may prefer a longer whip. The optimum length in a bull whip is 8 feet, giving an overall reach of 10 feet 6 inches, including the fall plus the length of your arm. This is also the most requested length and is the competion standard.


Kangaroo Hide Stock Whips

Kangaroo Hide Stockwhip8 Plait Kangaroo Hide Stockwhip

Kangaroo Hide loaded and balanced Stock Whips – These are the better quality whips, kangaroo hide being the best leather and loaded and balanced referring to the weight in the belly and the appropriate weighted handle. In Australian whip cracking competitions run by the Australian Whip crackers and Plaiters Association only Stock Whips are allowed. This is due to it being a traditional icon of Australia.

Available in:

5 foot x 8 plait Kangaroo Hide Stock Whips – This is my preference in whip lengths for most routines. Get a pair of these whips and you will amaze your self with what you can do!!

Kangaroo Hide Stockwhip12 Plait Kangaroo Hide Stockwhip

6 foot x 8 plait Kangaroo Hide Stock Whips – Great whips for a more flowing style. These are popular whips for stockmen who want a nice whip to work with. A great whip for flowing routines. For Australian whip cracking competitions run by the Australian Whip Crackers and Plaiters Association this is the minimum length required for the accuracy component.

7 and 8 foot x 8 plait Kangaroo Hide Stock Whips – These whips are preferred by stockmen who need a longer whip for greater reach off a horse or for tall strong people who want to make a loud noise! The longer the whip, the more strength that is required to crack it. I find that it is too tiring cracking a pair of these longer whips for any length of time.

6, 7 and 8 foot x 12 plait Kangaroo Hide Stock Whips – These are the top of the line whips in terms of the number of strands. Any more strands than this and you really have to look after the whip so that the strands don’t break.

All these whips come with a balanced full plait kangaroo hide handle with the same number of strands as the whip, 8 or 12.

We guarantee our product and its delivery safe to your hands. If there is any problem, we will sort it out. Thousands of people world wide own and love our whips... If you want quality and traditional workmanship, trust an Aussie Whip Maker whip!



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