Bullwhips and Stock Whips from Kangaroo or Red Hide
Hand built to suit you and your needs

12 Plait Kangaroo Hide Bullwhip12 Plait Kangaroo Hide Bullwhip

Aussie Whip Maker

Whips, bullwhips, stock whips, kangaroo hide and cow hide, hand crafted from whip quality Australian hides by Gayle Nemeth and available for online secure purchase, direct to you.

Aussie Whip Maker Stock Whips are the real Australian stock whips made famous by the stock whip inclusion in the true display of Australiana at the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Sydney 2000. We have proudly supplied the trade in Australia since 1845.

"G'day, I now continue this long and proud tradition, setting the standard for hard working, well balanced kangaroo hide bullwhips and stock whips. I believe that it is important to build strong working whips with good balance that fall straight.

"When you purchase an Aussie Whip Maker Bullwhip or Stock Whip you also purchase over 160 years of Australian Tradition."

Much skill and genuine handcraft goes into making each whip. I take my trade very seriously, concentrating only on producing good quality bullwhips and stockwhips, this being my full time occupation."

Need some help choosing a whip? See my What whip is best for me? page.

Gayle Nemeth
Aussie Whip Maker


Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame

Supplier of whips to the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame

Aussie Whip Maker is excited and proud to announce that we are now the supplier of quality whips to the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame.




Kangaroo Hide WhipsKangaroo Hide Whips

Why are our Kangaroo Hide Bullwhips so Popular ?

Kangaroo hide for its weight is the strongest leather in the world. Its lightweight and strength is ideal for whips. A whip is like a chain, the more links a chain has the more fluid it will move, therefore the more strands that a whip has the more fluid it will move. More time is taken when plaiting with more strands, therefore they are the more expensive whip. Kangaroo hide, because of its strength, is the most suitable leather for finer strands.

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Winner of the 2004 State of Queensland, State Development, Excellence in Export AwardWinner of the 2004 State
of Queensland Office of State Development, Excellence in Export Award

Gayle Nemeth winner of the 2004 State of Queensland, Office of State Development, Excellence in Export AwardGayle Nemeth has excelled not only in whip making but also in running her business.

Gayle won the 2004 Queensland Office of State Development Excellent in Export Award...

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Gayle Nemeth - Year of the Outback Ambassador

Aerial flag - year of the Outback 2008

2008 is the Year of the Outback, and when Gayle Nemeth was asked to be an Ambassador for this national event, naturally, she agreed.

"There is a spirit to the outback and outback people. It is a part of my life - a part of me and every whip that I make", commented Gayle.

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What whip is best for me?Unsure What Whip is Best For You?

Complete my What whip is best for me? questions and I will get back to you with a recommendation.

We take pride in hand crafting your whip to suit your exact body size and need.


12 Year old Blaze cracking a whipCracking New Video's

As part of our ongoing commitment to education and the promotion of our craft, we have added some new video's for your viewing pleasure.

Whip boxing [Flash Video] >>

Our latest whip boxing video.

Which is the right Whip for You? [Flash Video] >>

Gayle explains how to choose the right whip for you.

How to Plait your Whip with the Aussie Whip Maker kit [Flash Video] >>

Gayle Nemeth walks us through assembling a whip using the Aussie Whip Maker Whip Kit.

How to Crack a Whip [Flash Video] >>

Gayle Nemeth and 12 year old Blaze Travers demonstrate how to crack a whip.

Our Favourite Whip Cracks [Flash Video] >>

Blaze demonstrates some of our favourite whip cracking techniques; 'One behind, one in front', the 'Figure 8', 'Kill the Snake and last but not least, the double whip 'QLD Crossover'.