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Whip Care

Aussie whips are handcrafted from genuine Australian kangaroo and red cow hides.Click to enlarge

Getting the most life out of your fine hand crafted whip can be as easy as not leaving it exposed to the elements. With good care your whip should last a life time and longer - it can become a family heirloom.

When you have finished playing or working with your whip, wipe it all over with a light coat of leather dressing. use more on the fall because this is the part of your whip which works the hardest and like your popper/cracker will eventually wear out so the more care you give it the longer it will last. Don't become too concerned when your popper/cracker wears out, that's what it is supposed to do, it's not a big deal and is easily replaced. Use the best quality leather dressing, you can find. DO NOT use neatsfoot oil. Take care when cracking your whip, make sure there is no one near you.

These whips are not toys and can cause considerable pain, cut flesh and break bones. When a whip cracks the tip is travelling at over 1400 feet per second. Faster than the speed of sound and in some cases faster than a speeding bullet. The bang produced by a whip when it cracks is actually the end of the whip breaking the sound barrier. The bang is a mini sonic boom. Should your whip hit anything or anyone when it cracks it is quite capable of cutting flesh and breaking bones. Be careful!

Getting the most life out of your fine hand crafted whip
can be as easy as...


Images Below Demonstrate Good Whip Care

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Good Whip Care Good Whip Care Good Whip Care


We guarantee our product and its delivery safe to your hands. If there is any problem, we will sort it out. Thousands of people world wide own and love our whips... If you want quality and traditional workmanship, trust an Aussie Whip Maker whip!

Customer Quote:" Just out of interest, the first whip you made me (7' Bull whip, 8 plait roo hide) is just at the stage where it has become incredibly fluent in the way that it falls so nicely. I have oiled this with "Dubbin" leather treatment after each and every days use and then polish this off the next day with a clean dry cloth, work it a bit, then polish the excess off again. Let me assure you that your work is admired by all the folk that show this to."


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