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Gayle Nemeth has excelled not only in whip making but also in running her business. Gayle has won the 2004 Queensland Office of State Development Excellent in Export Award and the "Best Corporate Gift" award from the Queensland Merchandise Awards held by the Australian Arts Enterprise.

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Winner of the 2004 Queensland Office of State Development Excellent in Export Award.

Gayle Nemeth Gayle receiving the Export Award

Success Breeds Confidence Gayle Nemeth, winner of the 2004 Queensland Office of State Development Excellent in Export Award.

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Australian Arts Enterprise Award

We are proud to announce the recent winning of the "Best Corporate Gift" award from the Queensland Merchandise Awards held by the Australian Arts Enterprise.

Letters of Recognition

Letter from Don Seccombe - Mayor Redland Shire Council Letter from John English - Local MP

Congratulation letter from
Don Seccombe – Mayor
Redland Shire Council
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Congratulation letter
from John English – Local MP
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Gayle Nemeth - Year of the Outback Ambassador 2006

Australian Outback Developmnet Consortium letterClick to enlarge

Year of the Outback 2006 Gayle is an Australian Icon. She is well known from her annual promotional tours with the show circuit.

This exposure also allows Gayle to undertake her roll as an Ambassador for the 2006 Year of the Outback on behalf of the Australian Outback Development Consortium LTD. The 2002 Year of the Outback was a stunning success and 2006 will be even larger, emotionally influencing millions of people.

To many Australians, the Australian Outback is much more than a sun burnt country. It is a place where mates look out for mates; a place where hard work and good times are one and the same, and a place where we all pitch in to make things happen.

2006 is the Year of the Outback, and when Gayle Nemeth was asked to be an Ambassador for this national event, naturally, she agreed.

"There is a spirit to the outback and outback people. It is a part of my life - a part of me and every whip that I make", commented Gayle.

Year of the OutbackThe focus of events for this year is kids - raising awareness among city kids and bringing new opportunities to kids in the bush. As part of this Outback celebration, thousands of events will be held across the country, many of which will be attended by Gayle in her role of Ambassador.

"I want to use my craft to bring something special to these kids. Showing them their heritage through demonstrations of whip making, and stories about the role of whips in outback life remind kids from both the city and the bush of their shared history."

But history is only a part of the Nemeth story. As creator of the growing sport of Whipboxing, Gayle will take the national whipboxing team to many of these locations.

"There are a lot of life-lessons to be learned from whipboxing - and many of these are encompassed in our national slang. 'Fair Crack of the Whip' is all about playing fair, and doing things right - the cornerstone principle of whip boxing; and cracking 'em right between the eyes is the only way to score a win."

Gayle's whips, whip making demonstrations and whipboxing championships are renowned across Australia, and Gayle's role as Ambassador will allow her to share her craft with many outback and city people - providing inspiration, awakening memories, and for some, creating a tear in the eye.

And in true Aussie, Outback style, Gayle accepted the role as Ambassador without blinking an eye - and over the year, you can be sure that if there are city or bush kids that need to be shown the secret of the whip; if there is an outback part or show or if there is a community looking for some fresh entertainment - Gayle will be there.


We guarantee our product and its delivery safe to your hands. If there is any problem, we will sort it out. Thousands of people world wide own and love our whips... If you want quality and traditional workmanship, trust an Aussie Whip Maker whip!

Customer Quote: "My new whips arrived last week and I couldn't be more pleased with their performance. I ordered the 8' bull whip for myself and the yard whip for my kids. My kids are starting to get the hang of how to crack a whip, but still need lots of practice. I started cracking my whip and am very impressed not only with the performance but the quality of construction of both whips. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. All my best wishes go to you and yours. - Shawn"


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